What We Are About

Port Louisiana is an 850-acre port and deepwater energy complex designed to serve the needs of energy development in Southwest LouisianaLocated on Calcasieu Ship Channel in Cameron Parish, the port is the largest privately-owned energy services complex on the Gulf Coast. 

Our Aims

The goal with our innovative facility is to accelerate energy development in Southwest Louisiana by supporting shore-based supplies, services, cargo, and other oil and gas service facilities by establishing a seaport terminal along the Louisiana Gulf Coast.


Port Louisiana is about 185 miles east of Houston and 235 miles west of New Orleans, making it conveniently located between two major ports in the United States. The complex is also located 3 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and 19 miles from the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. Due to Port Louisiana's close location to oil and gas activity, we can save our tenants both time and money.