Port Louisiana represents a tremendous opportunity for you to strategically position your business in the middle of a corridor undergoing a major revitalization. Additionally, by being close to Houston, major highways and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, we can save you up to 40 percent in overhead costs.

The facility will have approximately 20,500 linear feet of bulkhead sites located on 44 leasable lots with an average bulkhead frontage of 400 linear feet. There will be 16 other lots located within the port for businesses not needing bulkhead frontage.

 Port Louisiana is designed to accommodate both traditional bulkheads with crane pads and/or covered individual slips with overhead crane capabilities. The site also features accommodations for heavy lift needs of the industry.


Port of Louisiana Features



- Shovel-ready sites starting at 5.0+ acres

- Opportunity for build-to-suit

- 18,500 linear feet of  bulkhead sites

- 25,000 linear feet of all-weather roads and two new pile support bridges

- Water, gas, sewer, electric and communications

- Up to 33-foot dredge depth at dock face

- Calcasieu Ship Channel: 42-foot depth

- Onsite administration and security

- Opportunity for heavy lift area located along the 700-foot-wide slip

- Truck access on 35-foot, two-lane, all-weather paved roads

- 24-hour security

- Coast Guard and U.S. Customs on site

- 68 Acre Logistics Center

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